Happy 3rd Birthday FaMeshed!

My lovely friend Lyrical Ember and I decided to dress up and celebrate the 3rd birthday of FaMeshed. <3


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Hair: Wasabi Pills – Irene @ FaMeshed 3rd Birthday round
Skin: Lara Hurley – Elea midtone
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh v3.3
Eyes: Buzzeri – Celestial hazel
Dress: Zenith – Strapless long dress sky @ FaMeshed 3rd Birthday round

Cage: Zenith – Paper cranes Cage (enlarged for this pic) @ FaMeshed 3rd Birthday round
Izzie’s – Single balloon texture change
Poses: Nani – Looking up set

More on Lyricals blog:

Cause I’m always ready, I won’t let you out of my sight


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Hair: Wasabi Pills – Jasmine@ The Fantasy Faire
Skin: Lara Hurley – Elea midtone red lips
Eyes: Buzzeri – Moka hazel @ Kustom9
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh v3.3
Dress: tres blah – Oversized sweatshirt @ N21
Pure Poison – Rosalie flats @Kustom9

Lifeguard station: Kalopsia @ Uber 
Lifeguard props & Clutter: [aR] – Lifeguard Equipment Pack w/ Rescue Board

Hair on Maxxster is from Exile, his skin from Belleza, his jeans from Monso and his hands & feet are from Slink.

Pose: Del May – Us

Happy New Year

All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives.
Steven Spielberg

I celebrated the start of the new year together with my sweet friend Lara, while Marc made sure we stayed entertained, providing us with music and (a lot of) champagne.

Good times, until the morning kicked in…

Building: Bazar – Roya house (furnished version)
Toilet: LAQ Decor – Toilet white (with decorations)
Pose 1: Magnifique – Cheers
Pose 2: Savoire Fair poses – Rough night

On Marc:
Hair: Truth – Tom
Skin: Hermony – Symon st4
Suit: Kauna – XIV Tweed brown
Shoes: Livalle – Virtuoso Oxford dress shoes brown

On Lara:
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Hanako
Skin: Lara Hurley – not yet released (WIP)
Top: Rowne – Anka silk blouse
Skirt: Rowne – Berg wheel skirt
Heels: Just Design – Anastasia for Slink high feet

On Kae:
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kitty @ Uber
Body: Belleza – Venus
Skin: PXL – Mia sk @ Uber
Dress: Tres Blah – Overture satin dress  @ Uber
Heels: Fri.day – Isabelle heel for Belleza Venus @ Uber

Winter looks

A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn’t obtain.


On Marc:
Hair: Dura – boy52
Skin:Hermony – Symon ST4
Coat: Monso – My padding jacket @ Creation JP
Pants: Gabriel – Skinny pants black
Shoes: Flite – first winter boots white @ Collabor88

On Kae:
Hair:  Tableau Vivant – Harukaze @ Creation JP
Skin: PXL – Kate
Eyes: Buzzeri – Celestial hazel
Body: Belleza – Venus
Coat: Monso – My padding jacket @ Creation JP
Jeans: Blueberry – Radi midnight
Boots: COCO Designs – Knee boots black

The Scene:
{what next} Winter Harvest Picnic set
Cheeky Pea– Chilly Sled!  (Holiday Version)
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal @ TLC


Whatever you’re doing right now.
breathe, than take another breath.
You are so beautiful.
Has anyone told you that lately?
And there’s something more important.
You are strong.
Sometimes it feels like you’re not.
Maybe most of the time.
But please don’t forget,
you’re stronger than you think.
Everyday, you wake up, no matter what,
no matter what you’ve gone through, you wake up.
Take a second and appreciate that.
After all these years, you still have hope.
Maybe it’s burried inside of you,
maybe that sounds rediculous,
but you keep going every damn day
and that makes you incredible.
So breathe, breathe right now.
Sometimes things are to much,
but Iwant you to know that’s okay.
There will be times when you want to break down and cry,
times when you want to fall asleep and never wake up.
That doesn’t make you weak,
that makes you human.
It makes you beautiful too.
After all you have been through, you’re holding on, 
never underestimate that.
You know what that means?
That means there’s hope.
It means that you’ll feel love and happiness,
pride and joy.
It means you’re still alive, but more than that,
it means you’re living.
Stay strong.
Stay beautiful.
Never stop feeling,
but sometimes, just breathe.”
— unknown

Hair: Truth – Sian
Skin: Belleza – Mae medium @ TLC
Teeth: PXL – OpenMouth pro
Eyes: Buzzeri – Celestial hazel
Top: SEUL – Olivia slit turtleneck forest @ Uber
Skirt: SEUL – Olympia Jersy skirt camel @ Uber
Coat: SEUL – Eliyah overcoat camel @ Uber
Scarf: C’est la vie – Oivi neckwarmer (groupgift)

Did you miss me?

“ Love — not dim and blind but so far-seeing that it can glimpse around corners, around bends and twists and illusion; instead of overlooking faults love sees through them to the secret inside. ”


I know I haven’t been around much here lately. My laptop died on me and I had some health issues to deal with.
Back now on a brand new computer, so today’s pic is a raw shot of beautiful!

Hair: Clawtooth – Snug as a bug @ Collabor88
Body: Belleza – Venus with Glam Affair applier
Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly II @ Collabor88
Eyes: Buzzeri – Lillian greens
Cape: Pixicat  – Wintry cape @ Collabor88
Pants: Alyce – Tight jeans
Boots: ChicChica – My pearl uggs black
Pose & Prop: What Next – ‘First Frost’ Treestump
Reindeer: The Mint Condition @ The Arcade
Location: Frisland

019 – Belleza Venus Mesh Body

Hair: Truth – Tulip & Posy light browns
Skin: Belleza – Emily rare #3 (The Arcade)
Lingerie: Belleza – Included with the body in black, white and nude
Poses: Bauhaus Movement & Marukin

I remember many months ago Tricky Boucher mentioned to me he was learning mesh and had big plans for Belleza in the future. He wasn’t kidding! I’m so excited to finally see the result of all these months of hard work, the Venus fitted mesh body.
I’ve been playing with the new fitted mesh body for hours and I love every bit of it!

I bet you’re wondering why this mesh body is any more special than the other mesh bodies out there. I have no doubt I can convince you in this blogpost that this will be the only mesh body you need from now on.

First of all, many people have been concerned this body would only be for Belleza skins. But just like the other bodies around Belleza offers all skindesigners a kit to make appliers. There will even be an option to add your favorite skin to the official body hud, so you will have everything you need in just one hud. You will love it!

As you can see above, you can put 8 of your favorite skintones inside the hud, once your favorite skinmaker has released this option.

The options for tattoos, underwear and clothing have not been forgotten, and I can’t wait to see more releases for these in the future. It will definately help make your body more unique.

Is it easy to get dressed using the Alpha options in this HUD? Nope…
But are there many options to give it a try? YEP, absolutely!

Let me tell you, there’s not one body out there that will be easy to fully dress up, no matter how brilliant the options are.
So some clothing may not work and others will be very easy to fit. This dress from Fishy Strawberry, that I found at the current round of FaMeshed, was an easy fit. My favorite jeans however didn’t fit my brand new ass 🙁

Poses: Infiniti – Handy
Eyes: Buzzeri – Celestial, hazel
Emotions: Adorkable Peapod – Emoter HUD

My most favorite part of this mesh body?!  It comes with beautiful hands, that change position by a simple click on your hud! No more detaching and re-adding or searching for just the right hand. ONE CLICK!  The image above shows only a few of the 16 different handposes.
You can also adjust the length of your nails and there’s 20 colors of nailpolish to choose from.

Is there more? Yes there’s more! How about options for your breasts? Push-up or more natural like I am showing in the picture above. There’s also various options of nipple colors so you can adjust any way you prefer.

Belleza Venus also comes with feet, just like the hands you can simply click on your hud and change from flat to tip toe and extra high heels. You also get the option in the hud for JustDesign feet, this means you will be able to wear the latest and new upcoming shoes from Just Design.

Now many of you have a large collection of beautiful Slink shoes right?  No worries, this body also comes with the option to wear Slink feet and even their hands so you can go nuts on your large collection of nailpolish too!

This body with matching hud are incredible. I haven’t been this excited about a mesh body before because I’ve never seen this many easy to use options in one hud. I can’t wait to try the body with other skins to see the difference but so far I’m happy showing off my beautiful Belleza skins with it!

For those of you who would love to see what the body looks like with a more chubby shape or more beautiful curves, please check out the lovely Grazia & Lucie, as they did amazing pics and reviews of the body!

004 – Playing Pirate

Raft and deco: Cheeky Pea – Rum runner special (Fantasy Gacha Carnaval)
Cardboard items: CP & !Bang – Cardboard Pirates (Fantasy Gacha Carnaval)
Tentacle: Curio Obscura – Friendly tentacles
Monkey: Alchemy – Jack the Monkey (Fantasy Gacha Carnaval)
Cat: Alchemy – Mr. Shmee (Fantasy Gacha Carnaval)

So many awesome Pirate themed items have been released at the Fantasy Gacha Carnaval! Maxx and I decided to have some fun and play!  Have you been to the Fantasy Gacha Carnaval yet?  Lots of fun items to collect so be sure to check it out!

Wasabi Pills – Jean (Uber)
Skin: Belleza – Claudia sk1 brown with gloss 2
Eyes: Buzzeri – Celestial mesh (Kustom9)
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Belladonna Crystal (Black Fashion Fair)
Parrot: Pixicat – Parrot red (Fantasy Gacha Carnaval)

I have been wearing the new Belleza skin, Claudia for a while now as my default. I haven’t had a chance to blog her but I think this skin makes me look a bit more mature than usual. What do you think of this skin on me?

On Maxxster:
Skin: Hermony – Kyu St4
Hairbase:  Unorthodox – Fade Line up
Eyepatch: Kuroi Hane – Faoni Eyepatch
Jacket:  Deadwool – Corto Coat
Pants:  Villena – Chinos in black
Boots:  Deadwool – Trauermarsch Boots
Hat:  Deadwool – Revolution Hat
Tattoo:  Sleepy Bozer – Alex Browki

On Kaelyn:
Outfit: Alchemy – The Pirate Wench (Fantasy Gacha Carnaval)
Hands & Feet: Slink – Avatar Enhanced
Heels: Glamistry – Amaryllis

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